Please take action and make a positive impact in a young person's life by donating to SPARK.  This is not just about one girl or one boy or SPARKPositivity, this is about a movement! This is about giving young people a chance for the bright, successful future that is their birth right. It is a chance for these young people to not only survive but to thrive and to become the future leaders with their heads held high.


For children participating in a SPARKPositivity after school program, just $20 provides essential supplies for a young person , just $50 will purchase two field trips for a young child to learn first hand what compassion feels like, $100 provides one young child an entire semester of SPARKPositivity where they will learn from a MIND, BODY, SOUL model – EMPOWERMENT, HEALTHY LIVING, and KINDNESS. - you have the power to  make a positive impact on a young person to realize their full potential and to become the BRIGHT star they are meant to be.

One of the ways you can help SparkPositivity is choose us with Amazon Smile. A percentage of every dollar you spend with Amazon will go to SparkPositivity. Thank you so much. 

SparkPositivity participates in Omaha Gives events throughout the year. Please watch for our announcements on social media.