SPARKPositivity utilizes a unique Mind, Body, Soul model in delivering curriculum to after school students

Mind- iEmpower
SPARKPositivity © iEmpower

Participants will . . .

  • become curious and caring

  • build positive bridges

  • attain a higher self esteem

  • walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

  • become more empathetic, constructive, and mindful

  • become change agents for a kinder, gentler world

Participants will develop . . .

  •  great imaginations and display the ability to understand and see through a different lens

Participants will experience . . .

  •  virtual and augmented realities

Body- eTrain


SPARKPositivity © - eTrain “Welcome Aboard!”

Featuring, Dr. Jo Owens-Nauslar “Move to Improve”  Promoter.

Get your E-On” and Engage in building Empathy, Emotional-Health, Empowerment, Excitement, and Enthusiasm.

Participants will . . . 

  • Embark on a journey of self-efficacy, a journey towards a healthy body, mind, and soul

  • Participate in activities with health coaching to increase internal control for healthy physical and social outcomes - to become more mindful.

  • Engage in heart rate monitoring, physical activity, decision-making to improve the mind, body, and soul for school success.

Soul- bKind

SPARKPositivity © - bKind

The Secret Kindness Agents-The SKA

Featuring, Founder Mrs. Ferial Pearson


Ferial Pearson’s inspirational and social action-oriented movement to “feed the good wolf” is featured in activities for agents.   Agents spread kindness and use simple, low cost ways to improve the world; one kind act at a time.  The SKA project promotes cognitive and affective empathy activities, locally and globally.

Excerpt from website:

Ferial Pearson is an Instructor in the Teacher Education Department at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She started the Secret Kindness Agent Project with students at Ralston High School where she served as a Talent Advisor for the Avenue Scholars Foundation. She has since helped over 40 other communities start kindness projects, wrote a book and started a Facebook Page with the students. The Kennedy Center honored her as one of the winners of the Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award.